In order for us to have a mutually respectful therapist/client relationship, please adhere to the following policies.

New Covid-19 Policies:

Since there are a variety of wellness practitioners in my Austin suite of offices who see a wide range of patients and clients with various health issues, and there are those of us who have high-risk and/or immunocompromised household members, there will still be Covid-19 safety protocols in place in both my Austin and Paige offices for the foreseeable future. 

While your session time is dedicated to your health and wellness and this is a space for you to focus on your relaxation and healing please adhere to these protocols so that we all may feel as safe and at ease as possible in the time ahead. 

New Procedures:

~At this time I am only seeing clients who have been fully vaccinated for Covid-19.

~Masks will be required the entire time you are in the building.

~The waiting area/lobby is not available at this time. No one will be able to come with you and wait in the lobby or treatment room. 

~When you arrive text me at 512-829-8799 to let me know you are here, and wait in your car. I will text you when I am ready to meet you at the door.

~At the door I will take your temperature and use a pulse oximeter to check your blood oxygen levels, and do a thorough screening of any recent symptoms and contraindications. 

~As much as I love chatting with you, let’s try to keep our conversations at a minimum to reduce respiratory droplets, and to ensure our masks are in place. 

Protocols to keep us safe:

~I am fully vaccinated.

~ I am still masking 100% of the time while in public and limiting my contact with others as much as possible.

~Clients must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19.

~I currently will not be seeing any new/unknown clients.

~HEPA filters will be running in the treatment room at all times.

~I will be leaving one hour between each client, during which windows will be opened and dual fans running to circulate fresh air in and old air out. A CO2 monitor will be checking air quality in the treatment room. 

~The room will be sanitized between each client. 

Usual Policies:

~Please respect your appointment time as this time has been set aside especially for you and if you arrive late you may not be able to receive your full treatment.

~Please be kind and honour a 24 hour cancellation policy.  It is understandable that things may change at the last minute but two late cancellations or no-shows will forfeit our working relationship. Update: If you are experiencing any Covid-like symptoms, we will reschedule your appointment.

~For you to benefit properly from the treatment and for your own wellness, please do not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other altering substances at the time of your treatment.

~Due to the sensitivity of other clients that use the treatment room, please be conscious of scented products that you use or scents/smoke on your clothing: lotions, deodorants, perfumes, etc.  Please do not smoke before your treatment.

~During treatment, both client and therapist have the right to terminate the session at any time for any reason.

~Payment types accepted: cash, MC/Visa/Amex/Discover

~A fee of $50 will be assessed for insufficient bank funds or chargebacks.

If you have any questions or concerns please speak with me before your session.

I look forward to seeing you and continuing our work together on your care and wellness.

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