Providing massage therapy centered on relaxation, wellness and pain management -specializing in chronic pain issues.

For two decades I have utilized massage therapy for my own wellness, stemming from a childhood whiplash injury with ensuing chronic pain and misuse.  In my own quest for a pain-reduced life, I turned to furthering my knowledge of the body and completed my training in Massage Therapy in the hopes of also helping others restore wellness and vitality to their lives.

I began my practice with a focus on musician-specific pain issues yet much of the methodology can be utilized for those in other professions, from those at desk jobs to construction, to regular ol’ daily life where we over use our muscles in repetitive ways or in recovering from acute injuries or the byproducts of long-ago injuries that our bodies have long been compensating for. Currently I have many clients pairing massage with physical therapy as they heal from joint replacement surgeries or injury issues that we all incur as we mature through life.

My work incorporates elements of Swedish relaxation massage, gentle stretching, clinical massage, trigger point therapy, and instruction of self-massage and muscle use education.

I also believe in working with you to develop a wellness plan customized to fit your budget so we can all help one another lead more fulfilling lives.